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Four Profitable Livestock
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The Four Livestock Suitable For Beginner Farmers

If you are tied of buying farm produce and want to start saving a lot of money, then owning a livestock farm is the way to go. Raising livestock is a marvellous way of feeding your family with fresh meat, milk and eggs. Since the livestock will be raised under your supervision you will make it a point that they are fed healthy feed.

When starting out there maybe confusion amongst farmers on which type of livestock they can start off raising. Below are four types of livestock that are suitable to be raised by a beginner livestock farmer.

1. Pigs

Raise PigsThere are two ways to raise pigs which is the traditional way and commercial way. These days people are heath cautious thus are turning to organic foods, with this reason a lot of farmers are raising their livestock the traditional (organic) way. Eating organic food is much healthier than commercially produced food. And it taste better as well.

To raise pigs the organic way is just to allow them to graze the pastures, as a result they will be eating green plants such as green grass and herbs which are health food for the pigs. As they are also grazing they are getting some exercise and the sun gives them natural ventilation.

With the above being said, your farm has to have different kinds of plants for your swine to feed on. Plants such as lemon grass and guava leaves are good for the animals digestive system and add some good flavor to their meat. Other kinds of organic diets to give your pigs are buckwheat, roasted soybeans, organic corn and flax seed.

Pigs can be raised by almost anyone, just provide them with shelter, give them healthy feed and care for their health needs. Swine raised the organic way don’t consume antibiotics and livestock products that bring diseases both animals and humans.

2. Chickens

Raise ChickensChicken are birds that are suitable for even beginner farmers which is why a lot of homesteads raise chickens. When starting out you should first consult with your state authorities to inquire if you are permitted to raise this type of bird in your area. Some countries require you to get permission first.

Once you get the go ahead to raise chickens, it’s also a wise idea to let your neighbours know about your project. Chickens such as roosters turn to make some noise in the morning, let your neighbours know about this.

Just as any other livestock raising chickens needs you to have a budget. You will need to spend some cash in buying livestock farming equipment, buying the chickens and their feed. They will also need some shelter to sleep at night plus take cover in extreme hot and cold weather. Fenced shelter will also protect them from predators.

Another vital thing to note when starting out is choosing the right chicken breed. Some breeds to choose from are Delaware, Wyandotte, Brahma and Buckeye breeds. Some of them are ideal for egg production, whilst others for meat production. To make sure they grow the healthy way, you have to provide them with nutritious feed and supply them with clean water.

3. Goats

Raise GoatsAnyone who has the passion can raise goats, they are suitable for beginner farmers and are profitable. A lot of folks are beginning to enjoy goat meat more than pork and beef. The reason behind this is that goat meat has lots of nutrients and taste better.

But not only is goat meat in demand but its milk as well. It can be used to produce cheese, yogurt and ice cream, and is very nutritious as well. So selling these two goat produce can bring you as a livestock some good profits.

Starting out in this venture will require you to have some land to raise the goats. The land you choose should have adequate space for the goats to graze on and some reliable shelter. For the shelter you can build it with simple wood and have some hay on the floor to keep the livestock warm and comfortable as they rest.

Choosing the right kind of goat breed is also important when raising goats. Some goat breeds are suitable for milk production and other good for meat production. Once you’ve made the decision on which breed to raise all that is left of you is to take care of them by giving them the right feed and water.

4. Cattle

Raise CattleJust as raising goats, cattle are profitable as well. Cattle milk and meat has always been on demand since a lot of people consume them in the world. So if you take advantage of this industry and produce your own milk and beef then you are sure to profit as a cattle farmer.

Cattle are not different than goats, you will have to choose the right type of breed for the produce you want to produce. For beef you will have to choose the right breed, same goes with milk production, you have to choose the right milk breed.

Raising cattle requires a farmer to have some large land for the cattle to graze on the pasture. Shelter is also required when raising cattle for them to rest and get milked if you’re raising cattle for milk production. When housing them you should try to separate the females from the bulls and make the shelter large enough for them to roam around.

Keeping in touch with the market news will assist you in getting the best profits from your produce. Also research on if there are lots of profits in selling to other farmers, butcheries or direct customers. But either way, if you’ve raised your livestock the healthy way you will definitely profit from them, period.

There’s a lot more involved in raising your own healthy profitable livestock. If you want to read more articles on how to raise productive livestock you can visit our livestock farming blog to get more knowledge on how to go about raising your own livestock.

On the other hand if you are really serious about starting today in livestock farming and want to raise various types of profitable livestock such as chickens, rabbits, goats, ducks, sheep, cattle, pigs and horses then get yourself a copy of the one and only guide to livestock farming here: